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This is my artblog~ here, I will post originals, fanart.. and you know, stuff I made. Yeah. <3#bfd4f7
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The Metacrisis Doctor (Tentoo) & Rose, I’ve been dying to draw these two. :heart: Had a sketch laying around that needed to be completed. I didn’t keep the TARDIS cause it just didn’t seem to fit properly, so I’m saving it for another picture.

I am just happy that their FACES finally came together! I slaved over them.. looked at many pictures of David & Billie, fought them tooth and nail. Started this in October, finished it now. c: Glad I did.

Edit: I fixed his face, it still wasn’t right! Should all be in order now~

Had to draw these two, because raisins. c:

This took roughly 45 mins? I was playing with the color balance too much haha.. just wanted to draw something before bed!

And what better thing to draw than an adorable Sweetie Belle with Apple Bloom’s bow.

Result of some scribbles lastnight! c: And I realized I haven’t drawn spitfire yet~

Good practice for those wings and this angle too. And yes, I like to draw flanks!

Because. Because I had to, ever since I saw the Breezy episode.


(via Blogtor Who: Tenth Doctor & Rose in My Little Pony)

Doctor Hooves (They can’t call him Whooves anymore. Boo.) has found his Rose. They appear together in episode broadcast yesterday.

ALL OF MY YES. I literally screamed when I saw this during the episode. LOOKATWHO HE’S WITH, IT’S ROSE!! ROSE! Husband’s like “3D GLASSES!” I’m like “HIS ROES!!!”

Now I’m looking at Derpy as the companion equivalent to Donna. So I cannot ship them any longer. These two just.. just.. guh! <3 otpotpotp

Little something I’m working on~ so you could say this is a wip. c:

Another drawing started with scribbles! Can’t shake this method! It’s helping me come up with poses and perspectives a lot faster on the fly!

This was a random assortment of scribbles turned drawing~ and I liked this one enough to get past the sketch phase. c:

Took me 30 mins.


The Love Doctor~Don’t call him that to his face, he will get sassy./belated Vday art


The Love Doctor~

Don’t call him that to his face, he will get sassy.

/belated Vday art

Believe it or not, this was the result of a scribble! One of those draw some random scribbles and make a picture out of it? Yes. c:

Love me some Wolverine~